Bonnie & Clyde

Infectious pop track for a summer night with the windows down

Jake Cooper and I had already been planning a second collaboration for two years now. And then Conor sent us the vocals to Bonnie & Clyde and we instantly knew this is it. Loaded with an extremely catchy drop section, Bonnie & Clyde is sure to get stuck in your head for some time.

Just The Two Of Us

Modern deep house interpretation of an all time classic

On a lazy afternoon I watched an episode of King Of Queens. The original track from the eighties was played in the background and so I had the idea to cover this all time favorite. And once Louise was on board, it all made sense.

Too Little Too Late (Remix)

Heartwarming electronic inspired indie rock remix

My orchestral remix of an already great original. Just different to everything I´ve done before. Much love goes out to the guys from November Lights. The track is hosted on the Dutch label Soave.

You & I (Remix)

In the beginning, there was jack, and jack had a groove...

Originally I was only supposed to do the cover artwork for Nexeri’s new single „You & I“. Then the record label sent me the remix request here we are… The EP with mixes from Henri Purnell, Natio and Blinded Hearts is hosted on the Dutch label Soave.

Won´t Let Go

Vibey beach house with Lucas Estrada and Alex Alexander

Alex and Lucas had actually rejected the idea of ever releasing the track. I talked them into it until they finally gave me the chance to add my signature sound and complete the tune. The statistics speak for themselves, i think it was a good decision to throw it out. The track is hosted on the Danish label disco:wax.


Blinded Hearts.
Music Enthusiast.
Above all, a fan.

Sirius XM. BBC Radio 1. Radio NRJ. Slowly but surely radio stations all around the world become attentive to his music. His latest collaboration with Lucas Estrada and Alex Alexander was played several million times on Spotify and Apple Music in just a few weeks.

With multiple tracks featured on YouTube powerhouses Chill Nation, MrRevillz and TAZ, Dutch superstars Hardwell, Nicky Romero and Sam Feldt supported his music on their radio shows and Spotify playlists.

His latest release „Bonnie & Clyde“ with Jake Cooper is hosted by Swedish label Loudkult, out on July 26th. „Bonnie & Clyde“ is an infectious pop track with tropical influence, perfect for a summer night with the windows down. Loaded with hooks, a beautiful vocal and an extremely catchy drop section, Bonnie & Clyde is sure to be an ear-worm that will be stuck on repeat for many listeners throughout the summer.