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Won´t Let Go

Vibey beach house with Lucas Estrada and Alex Alexander

Won´t Let Go is a vibey beach house collaboration by Lucas Estrada, Alex Alexander and Blinded Hearts. The track is released on all major streaming platforms by One Seven Music

Brand New

Blissful indie pop including summerish Dualities remix

Brand New is a blissful indie-pop track by Blinded Hearts and Louise Stangberg incl. a summerish remix from italian producers Dualities. The track is released on all major streaming platforms by Tipsy Records

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BBC Radio

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Chill Nation

Mr. Revillz

Hardwell On Air

Powerful piano chords, a luminescent ambience and subtle bird chirps paint a serene image. This blows up to bittersweet synths in the drop that will send the deepest chills down your back. "You & I"s sound is one that'll hit a poignant spot for everyone. Through Blinded Hearts production in "You & I", the angelic melodies take listeners on a journey through cinematic bliss.

EarmilkMusic Tastemaker

"Brand New" heads for an indie pop vibe that flows flawlessly with Louise CS's angelic vocals. Piano stabs that flow into the downbeats and pair up with the pumping bass makes "Brand New" an epic release for Blinded Hearts to kickstart 2018. CS's vocals take hold during the drop and complement the plucked guitar superbly. "Brand New" is a release that will easily get stuck bouncing around in your head.

Magnetic MagMusic Tastemaker

Opening up with a series of scintillating synths, the production immediately draws the audience in. While the track builds up toward its first climatic sequence, Robinson’s striking vocals comes in and blends impeccably with the astounding instrumentals. The future bass drop follows and delivers a strong punch with its heavy basslines and vibrant melodies. The same sequence repeats afterwards, completing this overall majestic piece from a few of the music scene’s brightest talents.

We Rave YouMusic Tastemaker

Oh boy do we have a treat for you. This new track from Blinded Hearts is absolutely perfect. Bringing future-pop meets electronica - Blinded Hearts has an incredible sound thats infectious to the soul. You can't help but feel like you..... need to jump up and dance around the room in excitement. Its high energy, its unique, and its just a massive track.

Gems&SecretsMusic Tastemaker